Post Lockdown Anxiety

It has been 13 months since the UK went into the first Lockdown. That's 13 months of being restricted and not being able to see our friends and family in a social environment, or even, at all.

13 months is a long time to be in this situation, so it is no wonder that some of us may be feeling anxious about social situations again or even just popping out to the shops.

Here are 5 steps to help you if you are suffering from 'Post Lockdown Anxiety'. 

1. Take it slow

You don't need to rush things, take it slow and ease your self back into the 'new normal'. Go at your own pace and set yourself some goals. 

2. Don't compare yourself to others

Everyone reacts differently in different situations. There is no right or wrong way. If you have friends who are eager to get to a festival or waiting to book flights to go somewhere hot and you feel the complete opposite that is fine. It is just their way of coping, much like staying home or in your comfort zone is your way of coping. You are protecting yourself from upset, this is a natural process.

3. Plan ahead

Write a list of things you liked doing pre-lockdown and put some dates and times in your diary to do them. This could be over a number of weeks or a number of months. Again, pace yourself. 

4. Practice self-care

Self-care has always been important, but right now, it is even more important. We have all just been through an extremely anxious period, which I hope we will never have to deal with again. Pop some 'me time' in your planner and do things you enjoy - a cuppa with a friend, a soak in the bath, a dance in your living room. Be kind to yourself.

5. Talk

It is so important to speak to someone about how you are feeling and not bottle it up. Chances are, they will likely have either the same or similar feelings to you. Remember your feelings are valid.

If there is no one you feel comfortable speaking to, there are a number of charities that you can call/text and email. 




Remember: Post Lockdown Anxiety IS NORMAL.