5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Planner.

By Amy Aylett (Founder & CEO)

If you want to know why you should plan, you have come to the right place. We wouldn't be what we were doing if we didn't love to plan out our day, create a to do list as well as schedule time to reach our goals. But did you know that paper planners, journals and organisers are fast becoming a must have item for many people and we know why.

The benefits of planning your day, setting goals and making a to do list are endless and within this blog we will discuss 5 of the main reasons you should use a planner on a daily basis.

Time management.

For those of you who are still undecided if planning is for you, you may not agree with this first reason, but stay with us, read on you will get it, we promise.

Yes, you may need to take 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night to plan and to acknowledge your achievements, but if time management, for you, is a biggy, then 30 minutes of your day planning could save you endless hours of procrastination and in fact give you spare time for things you love. For example, spending time with your family, cooking, socialising with friends (What's that? We know it's not high on the agenda at the moment but post pandemic you may wish to socialise more, I mean we can't wait) or maybe catching up on the latest must watch series on Netflix you always seem to miss out on.

Which ever past time you may decide on, just know that by planning your day you will be able to do more of it.

Relieves stress.

Sounds bizarre? Writing out a plan of action can help relieve stress? But yes, it does.

Ever had too much in your head you can barely string a sentence together or spend hours thinking of what you are meant to be doing that evening? Yes? Us too. Guess what? Planning your day and scheduling in important 'things to do' will relieve stress.

Don't get us wrong, a massage helps too. But getting everything out of your mind and organised onto paper, also helps. Give it a go.

Keeps you focused.

We all have times of procrastination. It's only natural and completely normal. But without a planning, getting back on track is harder. By writing down goals for the day and tasks you need to complete, you will easily get back to it, in no time at all. Just keep your planner close by to tick off your tasks as and when you complete them.

Become more motivated.

By writing in a planner or journal, we are able to clarify our thoughts and know what we need to do and what we want to aim for. By seeing the changes a planner can make you will in turn become more motivated. 

You’ll Feel a Great Sense of Accomplishment.

You will get this one if you are a list maker.

How nice is it to put a big black tick next to your to do list when you have completed a task? Feels soooo good right? Well the same can be done for planning your day. Write down everything you need to achieve in a day, even if it is simply going to the shop to buy bread and milk. Psychologically, ticking off lists gives us a great sense of accomplishment and creates positivity and makes us feel good.

That's why, in the 'Mindset is Everything' Planner we have added a section for daily accomplishments. So you can sit back with a cuppa (or wine, no judging here) and write down everything you have achieved in your day. 

We hope you have found '5 Reasons why you should use a planner.' interesting and if you don't already plan, we hope we have swayed you enough to give it a go. What have you got to lose?